Data Backup

When it comes to your home or office computer system, security is very important to protect your personal and company information. Our experts can identify and address security issues within your system to minimize threats. If you’ve already experienced security issues our team is here to help you to restore and recover your system, your lost information, minimize the impact of the issue and investigate the root cause to ensure you are aware and can protect yourself from further threats.

prevent data loss

Protect your computer from the Data Loss

Many things can lead to the loss of data stored on a computer. A habit of backing up your data regularly can save you a great deal of frustration. We help automate this for you so you have peace of mind.

Make a list of the folders, files or programs that you really do not want to lose. These usually include information that would be hard or inconvenient to replace such as music downloaded from the internet,  important software and family photos. Your backup list will make it quicker for you to select the files to be copied during a backup. Keep backups in a safe place that is not in the same building as your computer. If the information you are copying is sensitive, consider password protecting it. How often you backup depends on the value of your data or how much effort it would be to replace. A medical office, for example, would backup files daily where a small business that uses a workstation primarily for contacting suppliers and basic bookkeeping might do data backup task once a week.

If you do not already know how to select and copy your files for a backup, we will come to your location and train you on this or help you with it over the phone. Phone and email support is free to all of our clients after the first visit.

Already lost your data?

If data has already been lost, our Certified Systems Engineers can retrieve it for you in almost all cases. Call John at (604) 512-7082 for data backup or contact us at if you need assistance in retrieving lost files or would like more information about protecting your data.