Few people know how to use the full capabilities of a computer system and this can cause a lot of frustration. We will help you identify the computer programs or skills you need in order to succeed in your goals. Whether you just need help with your home computer or need training for yourself and employees, personalized one-on-one training puts you in charge of the topics and the level of detail you learn.

Learn shortcuts & strategies

Tailored one-on-one session

We will teach you to use your computer in ways you have either never tried before or have been frustrated with in the past. Our lessons will prepare you to be more effective and competent with the computer programs you need. If you have taken computer courses before, you know what it is like to learn a technique in a classroom only to find that it has slipped your mind once you are in front of your own computer. At Blue Sky Tech we teach you shortcuts and strategies on the computer you use most often. By using a familiar setting it will help remind you of what you have learned.

Although you can expect to learn faster and to remember more of what you learn when you explore new skills in a tailored one-on-one teaching session, you may want to take part in group training instead and learn with a co-worker, friend or spouse. Learning as a group is especially beneficial for staff members in order to ensure that everyone will use workplace systems effectively.

25 Years of Experience...

Blue Sky Tech will provide instruction in the programs or techniques you need in almost any location or situation. If you do not yet have access to the software you want to learn, you can be trained in it at our office. John, A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer & Network Specialist/Teacher, oversees all of our training sessions. John has 25 years of experience in teaching computer skills at all levels in business, high school, university and home situations. Call us at (604) 512-7082 or contact us at if you have questions about customizing a training session to meet your needs or to make an appointment with a trainer.