Mac Repair

Mac Repair

Mac Repair

Apple computers are great and can last 2 or 3 times longer than your regular PC.  But… if you bought a Mac computer more than five years ago, your product is pretty well considered obsolete at the Apple Store.

Blue Sky Tech continues to service Macs long after the Apple Store has bid them farewell.

We know that with proper care your Apple products can last for many years. If your Mac computer is in need of some fine tuning, call us today!

Check out some of the services we offer that can save you money:

Hard Drive Data Recovery

We can recover data from your hard drive that has failed but still retains readable data. If we can’t do it, (which is not very often) we know forensic data recovery teams who can!

Hard Drive Replacement

Hard drive replacements and upgrades – You will most likely need this if you start seeing the spinning wheel all the time, it is a must if you’re getting the flashing question-mark folder at startup. We’ll help you to keep all of your files, music, photos and apps using Migration Assistant or Time Machine recovery.

Hard Drive Cable Replacement

The thin ribbon cables that connect the hard drive to the logic board are known to fail unexpectedly and suddenly after a few years. We stock a variety of replacement cables that can usually be installed while you wait. (Note that a faulty cable can also damage the hard drive itself, which can take longer to replace.)

Virus/Malware Removal & Repair

Yes, Macs do get viruses but it is fairly uncommon.  If your computer has been infected with any type of malware like viruses and spyware, we can diagnose and repair it for you.

Operating System Installation & Upgrades

Are you interested in moving up to the latest version of OSX? Are you using the latest version of OSX?  Regardless of your Mac’s age, we can help keep your Mac running smoothly and with the most current software available.  Even if Snow Leopard is the limit, we can help with or perform the upgrade, making the transition easy.

System Diagnostics

Experiencing strange bugs or slowdowns that you can’t explain? We’ll perform a system diagnostic to determine the cause and best solution.

LCD Display Replacement

If you need to replace the LCD or glass panel in MacBook Pro and Retina models this can be a difficult task. We have the tools to do the job quickly and properly!

Keyboard Replacement

Some current MacBook models need the palmrest assembly to be swapped.  Most MacBook Pro and Air models need the removal and replacement of nearly a hundred tiny screws.  That’s not a problem for us!

Memory Upgrades

No need for expensive “Mac” memory – Macs are the same as any other computer in that they can accept inexpensive DDR-3 RAM. We can help you find the proper modules and install them.