As networking hardware becomes more affordable, local area networks (LANs) are being used widely in offices and homes. They can serve two or more computers and are a cost-saving approach since expensive devices like high-quality printers or storage drives are shared rather than purchased separately for each computer. Internet access for all can be achieved through a single point, a definite advantage in terms of cost control and security. Even more importantly, networks save time by giving you and others the convenience of sharing information quickly and easily. The adaptability of a LAN makes it easy to customize your network to fit the needs of your business or household now and over time.

greater adaptability

Wireless LAN

You can get even greater adaptability from a wireless network. In a home or an average small business, a wireless network will give you full access to your devices and the Internet from anywhere within the building and nearby area. Computers using this network connection need only a source of electricity. Move them around as often as you want without having to deal with printer cables, Internet access points or other limits to location. This mobility lets you to make the most of your space, placing work or meeting areas wherever they suit your current project. A wireless LAN will move with you if you need to relocate your business or home, so it is a sound investment in information management.

Blue Sky Tech will quickly create a LAN tailored to the specific needs of your home or office. We provide you with quality installation and solid, personal support as you learn to make the most of your new connectivity. Phone and email support is free for both business and residential clients after LAN installation. A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer & Network Specialist with 15 years of hands-on experience in network development for businesses, homes, schools and factories will oversee the installation of your LAN.

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