System Care Repair

System Care Repair

System Care Repair

System Care Repair


Operating System Care

Almost all PC users will notice their computers begin to slow down, show more errors and ultimately fail at more tasks over time. These are generally signs that your Operating System (Apple, Windows, Linux etc) is in need of maintenance.

Here is a list of symptoms that would indicate you might need to consider a good cleaning:

  • Start Up (Powering on) is slow
  •  Errors on start up
  •  Problems (errors, warnings, failures) opening common programs like Email, Browsers, Games
  •  Websites are slow to load, have excessive pop-ups and advertisements
  • When opening a browser you are greeted with a homepage you do not recognize

While many of these problems can be fixed with a few simple clicks of the mouse, many can be extremely frustrating and even damaging if done incorrectly. Here are a few programs you can run that may be able to help you resolve some of these symptoms (Windows Vista/7/8.1).

  1. By using the Add/Remove Programs list from the control panel you can remove unwanted programs by sorting through the list and uninstalling them one by one.
  2.  Disk Clean Up can be used to clean up unwanted temporary files, system cache files and other unused files. This will create space on the hard drive as well as speed the operation of your operating system.
  3. Internet Options can be used to reset your browsers homepage, remove cookies, history and optimize how your web browser connects and loads your websites.
  4. Ensure that all Windows Updates have been completed.

Hardware Care

Here are a few things you can do to ensure that your computer remains problem free:

  1. Ensure that your computer is plugged into a power bar/surge protector. This will regulate and stabilize the power flowing to your power supply to ensure there is no surging.
  2. Dust your fans using compressed air regularly. Unplug the computer, take the side of the case off and using compressed air in an open area, spray the dust out of the computer. (DO NOT USE A VACCUUM CLEANER  You can phone us to find out why!)
  3. Ensure that your computer is stored and running in a cool place with good ventilation. Remember, heat is the major killer of computer hardware.
  4. Always ensure that your cables (power and otherwise) are clear of sharp edges, major tangles, and away from foot traffic. This prevents tugging and twisting that could cause damage to the wires and the plugs they are attached to.

Pulling it all together, follow the system care tips mentioned above, even then if you come across any serious damage or problem let us know by Contacting Us.