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Viruses, spyware and pop-ups are parasitic programs that interfere with your ability to use a computer the way you want. We all need to know what they are and how to keep them out of our systems.

A virus enters your computer and spreads to others, damaging data, software and (rarely) hardware. Three of the most common ways to get them are:

  • Through infected email messages or attachments
  • By going into infected websites
  • By having one sent to your IP address (your computer’s identity on the Internet) by an Internet worm. (A program that actively seeks out computers to infect.)

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Certain websites and some “shareware” programs put spyware (also called adware) on your computer. These programs are similar to viruses but do not spread to other computers. They can take control of your browser program and force it to open a commercial website each time you go on the Internet. Spyware can track your activities in many ways and place information about you on your computer. Many websites can read this information and use it to tailor both online and spam advertising to you. Although most spyware is loaded on your system without permission, some are “legitimate” in that you agree to it. Beware of fine print in the End User Licenses of useful program downloads.

Spyware programs can be destructive or difficult to remove. Not all people have the time or knowledge to deal with computer infections. If you come up against a challenging problem you can rely on us for speedy assistance in your office or home. We are experts at removing viruses and spyware and repairing the damage they may have done. When you work with Blue Sky Tech, we make sure you know all the options so that you can choose the level of support that suits you best.

Some pop-ups are difficult to remove or try to force you to agree to install spyware in order to get rid of them. Unwanted email messages, or spam, are also irritating time-wasters because they force you to search through them for the messages you actually wanted to receive. If you want to reduce the amount of spam you receive you should:

Be cautious about giving out your email address to businesses, charities, news groups, forums, chat rooms or anywhere else that might sell it.

Never respond to spam messages, especially lines like “Click here if you do not want to receive any more messages”, as doing so targets you for much more spam.

Use anti-spam software to filter out messages you are unlikely to want and delete them before they enter your in box. The best way to deal with parasitic software is to prevent infection. Although most programs can be removed, some are permanent once established.

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Protect yourself by following these guidelines:

  • Purchase good virus detection software and keep it up-to-date.

  • If you use Windows, you can increase security greatly by updating it – available free from

  • Never open or reply to emails from sources you do not know or which you did not request or expect to receive messages from.

  • Avoid agreeing to cookie installation whenever possible.

  • If you suspect you have a virus or spyware, deal with the infection immediately. This is crucial to prevent increased damage to your computer system and avoid spreading the program to others in the case of viruses Once you have cleaned the infection out of your computer, make sure you have appropriate protection in place to keep the problem from happening again.

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